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A Brief Note on Programming

I have allowed this blog to lie fallow for the last few months and that is a failing I intend to rectify in the near future. Not only have I failed to deliver on Part 4 of my Zelda timeline post series, but I have also discovered a mistake regarding the fabled “Blue Swamp Incident” in part 3, which I also intend to rectify.

To be fair, I have some good excuses.

Firstly, during November, some additional work-related commitments ate up a good chunk of my free time. I also wrote 52,000 words of a novel (still unfinished) as part of the excellent NaNoWriMo event. The latter still needs a lot of work before it’s ready (three chapters and a few rewrites), but writing it has certainly been an interesting experience and has taught me the importance of managing my free time.

Then, during December, and this is the big one, my wife and I unexpectedly became parents. Now the becoming a parent wasn’t what was surprising so much as the timing of it. Our little tyke arrived two months premature, which rearranged all our priorities immediately. Not a lot of time for blogging or researching the minutiae of video game fandom between hospital visits.

In the meantime, one blog I heartily recommend is the Dead Heat Politics Blog. It’s brand new, but I’ve been reading these guys’ writings for years and have learned much of what I know about US politics from their insightful commentary. I just hope they can keep their pace better than I do.

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