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An Not-So-Brief Note On Programming

It has now been almost a year since I last properly updated this blog. Unfortunately, this is what happens to me when I try to take on extra projects that require real commitment – real life comes along and knocks the proverbial pen right out of my hand.

It may interest you to know that in the time since my last update, I have taken on the challenges of fatherhood and all the changes to daily life that this entails.

Being a parent negatively impacts upon your lifestyle, your health, your finances and your sanity in nearly every metric I can think of, and at the same time, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Never have I felt the sense of satisfaction with my life that I do now and can’t even imagine ever going back. Everything ai did up until now seems so aimless, so trivial. For those of you so inclined, kids are worth losing a bit of sleep over.

All that said, I still haven’t addressed the problem of my failing to provide my readers with any new content!

Part of the problem has been that I start writing posts that I abandon halfway through because:

1) The subject is too big and what was meant to be a short, simple, food-for-thought item turns into a 3000 word monster without my realising it

2) I’m not happy with what I have written, either because it’s too short or not well enough written

The irony of my failure to publish anything is that I actually do write a lot of stuff, but it’s all in forum posts where I’m crossing swords with someone I either disagree with or am trying to educate. If only I could take the energy and moxie that drives me to bust out this sort of prolixity on forums and channel it into my blog.

Then the answer hit me.

Why not just blog forum posts I’m particularly proud of?

The best part of this plan is that I’m able to use these online conversations as stimulus and inspiration, which is another hurdle I run into.

If you post on NeoGAF and are familiar with my posts there, I do apologise. Original stuff will come, just a bit later.

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